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Our Granite Countertops can Add Luxury to Your Kitchen

We offer a huge collection of granite kitchen countertops in Oak Creek Wisconsin in appealing colors and the latest designs. Our prominent granite products make your kitchen modern and organized. From our store, you can buy countertops that match your kitchen style or layout. Furthermore, our products are exquisite, sleek and create a big change in the kitchen appearance and feel, just the way you expect when you look for the best & discount granite countertops near me.
AspenWhite Granite
Alaska White
Black Galaxy
Colonial White
Alaska White
Fantasy Brown
Ivory WHite
Vale Nevado
White Ice
New Colonial White
Uba Tuba
Taj Mahal
Giallo Verona
Black Pearl
Steel Gray
White G
Magma Gold
Taj Mahal Leather
Viscon White Polished 3cm
Azul White
White Ornamental
New Normandy
New Caledonia
Viscon White Leather 3cm
White Ice Leathered Granite
Absolute Black Polished
Absolute Black Honed

Dallas White

White G
Snow Fall
Copacabana 3cm Polished Granite
Typhoon Bordeaux Polished

Copacabana 3cm Leather Granite

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Original Beauty comes at Affordable Prices

We at badger granite in Oak Creek Wisconsin believe in the righteous saying that “you get what you pay for.” In that context, we offer you the best granite countertops price you might get elsewhere. The cost for genuine granite slabs at our store is so low that you almost pay for the wholesale prices. At economical prices our granite kitchen countertops are:

  • Heat and Moisture resistant
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Highly affordable
  • Unique alluring look
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hidden seams

Even if you get it fabricated or installed with intricate edge cuts and designs, it definitely won’t cost you any unexpected charges. That’s because we cut out the middleman charges of additional fabrication.

So, why wait to get the best package and keep wondering about granite places near me when you have badger granite, the best granite retailer in your vicinity? With our perfectly reasonable prices, you can save hundreds of bucks with our granite kitchen countertops of genuine quality. Use our contact info now and get an estimate of your favorite granite piece along with its installation with the best granite place nearby Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Original beauty comes at affordable prices

Why Choose our Granite Countertops

Are you aware of the granite slab countertop that we are offering? Not only for the kitchen, but our bath countertops will also amaze you with their intricate details. So, give your home interior a stunning makeover with our latest and finest granite collection. Our range includes:

  • Versatile veining patterns and specs
  • Unique minor details in each slab
  • A vast array of natural color tones
  • Fairly reasonable granite prices
  • Perfect kitchen cooking space
  • Stylish bath counter area
  • Resist heat, scratches, stains, and mildew
  • No unexpected installation and finish charges
  • Great ideas for granite remnants
  • Quality sealer for extra protection
  • Discount Granite Countertops

Unique and presentable pieces are available at badger granite. So, pick from our vast collection and make the best you can with our great deals.

White Granite is a famous preference for home use, especially when it comes to kitchen countertops and vanities. This is because white granite counters work well with any color scheme and go with both bold and light accents to give you a bright and airy kitchen. You might wonder, “where to get discount countertops near me?” Well, let us tell you, our store Badger Granite in Oak Creek and Milwaukee is the best place to buy granite kitchen countertops. In this modern world, People are searching for a granite countertop near me online. We are trustable granite counter tops suppliers in the USA. Today, house owners select white granite for kitchen countertops due to the fact it may face up to lots of use and weight as lengthy because it has the right support, continually a significant aspect whilst it’s far used for countertops. Aside from its durability, it is heat- and scratch-resistant, which strengthens our claim that granite for countertops is the ideal material. Not only that! We are also affordable because we have granite countertops on sale.

Our Granite Color Options

Our Granite Color Options

We provide a huge selection of Granite Countertops in Milwaukee, WI, Offering the most popular leathered granite colors. For more information about the best granite retailers in your vicinity, visit our countertops showroom now. Simply look for Granite slabs near me and our site will show up featuring a massive number of colors, styles, and designs of products. Quartz and feldspar, the two principal additives of granite, are each colorless to mild-toned rock material, that’s why white granite tends to be at the mild end of the spectrum.

However, granite commonly depicts darkish veins and pretty great splashes of ambitious colored crystals, basically as it additionally carries darkish colored minerals, on the whole, earth tones. Sometimes, you’ll come upon stones of granite for countertops that are nearly intense black or different darkish colors. Technically, those aren’t granite, however, of the granite family, including basalt and gabbro. It doesn’t necessarily count due to the fact they have got the maximum of the traits we like, approximately granite, inclusive of its sturdiness and distinctive look. Moreover, you can also shop leathered granite colors such as titanium leather granite and other variants here at our store. You can find us by searching the granite near me or granite remnants near me on Google. We are the best granite wholesale near Milwaukee, WI.

Granite Colors For Granite Countertops

The most popular granite countertops for kitchen colors dominating 2023 are white, black, blue, gold, and brown. This neutral and versatile palette offers endless opportunities to play with interior design in terms of texture and color. At Badger Granite, we stock a massive selection of trending granite countertops near Milwaukee suited to all interiors.

  • White: White granite kitchen countertops represent refinement and elegance. Color-wise they offer the most versatility and look stylish on top of almost any kitchen cupboard color. 
  • Black: Black gives a kitchen a bold and dramatic touch. Granite slabs with flecks of gold or white veins are eye-catching compared to classic, all-white countertops.
  • Blue: Blue granite slabs give a sense of calm in exterior spaces. Compared to the ocean, their swirling patterns stimulate dynamic movement on kitchen surfaces and add tranquility to bathrooms.
  • Gold: Gold granite colors complement both white and moodier kitchens, especially kitchen cupboards of the black and dark green variety. 
  • Brown: Brown granite countertop colors come in rich mixes and natural colors offering comforting, earthy tones. Incredibly versatile, lighter stone deposits catch the light, adding sparkle to this color that’s perfect for urban and provincial homes.

Are Granite Countertops Expensive?

Well, one of the most affordable materials is granite for kitchen countertops in Oak Creek Wisconsin. Depending on its color, quality, grade level, and countertops thickness you can expect to pay fair to high prices. But, our outlet offers discount granite counter tops Milwaukee including the services of installation. So, if you’re looking for granite retailers near you or searching for the answer to the query, “where to find granite remnants near me at the best prices?” Badger Granite Milwaukee it is! 

But if you are on a tight budget and want inexpensive granite countertops, you can opt for cheaper granite colors like Azul Platino, Dallas White, New Caledonia, Uba Tuba Granite, and Valle Nevado granite kitchen slabs. Each of these countertops ranges from $30 to $55 per square foot, installed. Inexpensive granite kitchen countertops often include designs that are speckled and very busy. Most of the colors also include brown busy colors and tend to come from quarries that have plenty of specific colors. You can find these and more at our store as we are the best granite slab suppliers in Milwaukee.

Granite For Floors

Flooring like granite tiles has long been viewed as a luxury material that has been found in the halls and lobbies of buildings, from mansions to fine hotels and skyscrapers. While more commonly associated with countertops and backsplashes, granite makes a perfect flooring material. If you’re looking for something elegant and long-lasting, and investment-worthy in your home and property, then granite would be ideal.

Granite’s natural beauty is one of the main reasons homeowners choose it as a flooring material. No two slabs of granite are identical, creating beautiful and diverse patterns and designs. Granite comes in highly polished, glossy slabs or more muted, brushed, rustic textures. There is also a wide range of granite slab color choices, and the quartz that helps make up the stone gives it a bit of characteristic sparkle. So, stop researching granite slabs near Milwaukee and head to our store to look at all the ways you can use granite.

How much Does a Granite Slab Cost?

When looking for the best granite for countertops, you can expect to pay an average of between $45 and $200 per square foot installed. The stone quality, design, color, size, and kitchen granite counter thickness affect your total expense. Installation and fabrication come with a price, but if you buy granite for countertops Oak Creek Wisconsin from badger granite, you’ll get premium discounts. So, keep your eyes open for sales any time soon; discover our outlet by simply searching for a countertop installation near me.

How often should I seal my granite Kitchen Countertop with Sealant?

We will seal your new granite slab as soon as it arrives at your home and get it installed. In general, granite has to be sealed once a year to retain its looks and performance. Just protect your granite Milwaukee top from direct heat, and its seal can last a bit longer.

How do I care About my Granite Countertop?

When properly sealed, white leathered granite countertops in Oak Creek Wisconsin do not require any special care. Just some precautions and cleaning will do the thing. So, use dishwashing liquid for daily cleaning and warm water soap solution for tough stains. Care should be equal whether it’s the seamless, plain countertops or leathered granite colors variant such as titanium leather granite and others. But, we recommend you protect your granite slab from hot pans and pots. Kitchen with granite countertops are more prone to damage since they are in a constantly busy environment so it’s important that you take care of them more so than usual. Although white leathered granite kitchen countertops thickness is readily strong enough to withstand daily usage, proper care still remains essential.

How often should I seal my granite countertops with sealant?

Do I need to disinfect my granite countertops?

Granite is resistant to bacteria. Your granite countertop does not need to be cleaned if it is sealed. It will suffice to seal the granite slab once a year. So, you do not need to disinfect your granite slab as long as it has a seal. Annual sealing will suffice. Since we are the best granite distributors near Oak Creek, you won’t have to worry about a poor sealing job!

Is it necessary to buy a complete granite slab if I don’t need it?

No, you don’t have to. This is because it is our job to determine how much material you require. Buy granite countertops from Badger Granite Milwaukee, as we ensure we’ll not charge you any extra money for your project, and that’s what makes us the best granite suppliers Milwaukee, as obvious from the listed Badger Granite reviews down here.. Look up the granite slab near me and we’ll show up right away. Explore our collection of granite stone countertops. We will keep the fabrication and installation at a reasonable price for you. We have pieces of granite for sale and they will be cut according to your need.

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Hired them to update our kitchen countertop. We had a beautiful new granite countertop and a new sink. Also We are very appreciate for the excellent service we got. Highly recommended.

Joan L.

We really liked the way the Badger Granite guys handled our project. Finally, new fireplace surround was installed. It was really smooth sailing from start to finish. The lady in the showroom helped us choose a really fantastic granite that had bits of gold in it and I really felt valued as a customer. 

Mark D.

A week later, I must say, the kitchen looked much better with the new counter. It was money well spent.

Rom K.


Porous or rough granite surface such as leathered granite may become prone to bacterial build up and lasting oil stains that need expert treatment to go away. So, make sure you do regular cleaning with these variants of granite.
Due to its robust composition, quartz is way harder and sturdier than granite. But granite is based on natural stone, hence it offers a more natural stone appearance with a good quality of robustness. So, it all comes down to your preference of manmade vs natural slab countertops.
Quartz is around 30% more expensive as compared to granite, but it comes with equally better features such as durability, longevity, and versatile appearance.
Tan and black granite is cheaper than white, glossy, and brighter granite colors. Likewise, matte countertops would be significantly less expensive than ones with a glossy finish.
We offer no hidden costs for fabrication, installation, and shipping, which means that the price we’ve agreed upon in our quotation is all you have to pay. No hidden fee whatsoever here at Badger Granite!
Granite is a remarkably sturdy natural stone with superb durability. Granite countertops are equally more robust and highly durable bound to enhance your kitchen’s functionality.
Granite is a remarkably sturdy natural stone with superb durability. Granite countertops are equally more robust and highly durable bound to enhance your kitchen’s functionality.
Yes, you can place a hot pan directly on granite as it won’t crack or damage the surface. However, avoid doing it much often as it might fade its color.

If you are wondering about granite suppliers nearby Milwaukee, Badger Granite is the answer! We offer a wide range of granite countertops as well as well quartz countertops that are durable, stylish, and versatile.

Granite countertops white is the most famous color when choosing granite. Since it is a classic and timeless choice and readily available, many homeowners choose it. It also goes with many color palettes so you can easily match it with your cabinets.

It is important you know about the install, size, and color of your kitchen countertop granite. The standard size of granite slabs is 3 feet x 8 feet or 900mm x 2400mm. But the size of granite slabs may vary between 3 feet to 4 feet in width and 8 feet to 12 feet in length.

Visit Badger Granite in Oak Creek, WI to buy super-sturdy, robust, and elegant granite countertops. Our collection is endless and rates are well-within your budget – that’s something we can assure you of!

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