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From majestic textures to sparkling veins on a black canvas, our black quartzite countertops express your love for a dignified kitchen style.

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Belvedere Black Quartzite Countertops in Oak Creek, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Lies in the heart of Oak Creek WI, Badger Granite is your premier destination for your kitchen and bathroom countertop solutions. From personalized design consultations to a variety of black quartzite countertop design options, our trusted experts understand the importance of aligning our services with your vision. Explore the unparalleled elegance of black quartzite countertops, and elevate your spaces with an enduring touch of refinement.

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What Our Clients Say About Us
100% Satisfaction
Michael Lauber

Badger was great to work with on a quick turnaround project at our rental property. They were responsive, fairly priced and stuck to their promised timeline for measurements and install. Great overall experience.

Dominique Larson

It is a complete solution spot for your finishing work. Authorized dealer of kitchen countertops. They provide a full kitchen, vanities, and niches. They have excellent craftsmanship and deliver as per design and requirements.

Lori Mendelsohn

Very pleased with the results and an easy process along the entire way. Well priced, quality service and Victor is a gem. Thank you for the wonderful job you all did. Very grateful. You won’t find a better deal-I shopped around.

Ryan Hudziak

Large warehouse to browse available slabs of granite, fair pricing, and professional measurement process. I purchased pieces for in my kitchen and in my dining room in March, and they look great!

Free Design Consultation, Seamless Fabrication & Installation 

Badger Granite in Oak Creek is committed to exceeding your expectations. Moving beyond complimentary design consultation, our state-of-the-art services ensure that your chosen Black Quartzite countertops undergo meticulous fabrication. Guaranteeing a seamless process that meets the highest standards, we ensure that the beauty of every Quartzite countertop color is expertly crafted and resonates with each curated piece.

Aesthetics Redefined with Dark Quartzite Countertops

At Badger Granite, elevate your space with the unparalleled aesthetics of brilliant black quartzite countertops. Renowned for its timeless beauty, redefine the aesthetics of your space with its deep, dramatic tones and unique veining. Extending beyond visual appeal, enhance the overall ambiance of kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas.

Designs Beyond Limits with Quartzite Countertops in Black

The Black Quartzite from Badger Granite offers deep blacks and subtle veining that exude sophistication. From contemporary to eclectic style, the intricate patterns and diverse color palette provide the perfect canvas for creativity. Whether used as countertops, backsplashes, or accent pieces, the versatile designs of black diamond quartzite bring a touch of timeless elegance to any application.

The Resilience of Our Quartzite Countertops

Experience the unwavering resilience of dark black quartzite countertops at Badger Granite. In kitchens and bathrooms, the resilience of Quartzite extends beyond its resistance to scratches and stains. Invest in the enduring strength of Quartzite slabs in black, where each countertop becomes a testament to resilience and elegance. At Badger Granite, explore the durability of Black Quartzite in Oak Creek, WI, ensuring a lasting legacy of beauty and functionality.