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With the traditional richness of brown color adorned with the glowing speckles, our brown selection of countertops dignify your kitchen aesthetics.
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Badger Granite in Oak Creek, WI is a go-to destination for homeowners and new kitchen designers alike. Fulfilling their design and functionality needs, we stand as the testament of sophistication and quality in the world of marble countertops. Offering our latest collection in rich hues and lasting beauty, the exquisite brown marble countertops are simply something straight out of a designer’s dream. With our experts, transform your kitchen into a sanctuary of elegance and warmth. 

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Michael Lauber

Badger was great to work with on a quick turnaround project at our rental property. They were responsive, fairly priced and stuck to their promised timeline for measurements and install. Great overall experience.

Dominique Larson

It is a complete solution spot for your finishing work. Authorized dealer of kitchen countertops. They provide a full kitchen, vanities, and niches. They have excellent craftsmanship and deliver as per design and requirements.

Lori Mendelsohn

Very pleased with the results and an easy process along the entire way. Well priced, quality service and Victor is a gem. Thank you for the wonderful job you all did. Very grateful. You won’t find a better deal-I shopped around.

Ryan Hudziak

Large warehouse to browse available slabs of granite, fair pricing, and professional measurement process. I purchased pieces for in my kitchen and in my dining room in March, and they look great!

Your Vision, Our Expertise: Free Design Consultation, Flawless Fabrication, Effortless Installation!

At Badger Granite, we take immense pride in curating brown marble countertops that epitomize timeless style. Beginning with a free design consultation, our experts meticulously understand your marble countertop color preferences and size requirements. We shape your vision flawlessly with our expert fabrication process, transforming raw marble into a work of art. Our skilled craftsmen ensure a seamless installation, where your dream kitchen becomes a reality effortlessly.

Unraveling the Timeless Style of Brown Marble Countertops

Badger Granite in Oak Creek, WI takes pride in creating marble countertops. Epitomizing timeless style, intricate patterns, and warm tones of our dark brown marble countertops bring an air of unique sophistication to any space. Whether it is to renovate your traditional style kitchen or modern compact culinary space, our classic designs featuring contemporary aesthetics perfectly complement a variety of interior layouts.

Showcasing the versatility of marble brown countertop, each slab is handpicked reflecting the natural beauty and unique character of the stone. For a warm and opulent kitchen aesthetic, many homeowners opt for the timeless allure of dark brown marble countertops. With Badger Granite, we ensure that your kitchen withstands the beacon of style and luxury.

The Enchanting Appearance of Brown Marble Countertops

Truly captivating and enchanting, we at Badger Granite present the ideal countertops featuring mesmerizing effects. The subtitle veining and variegated hues of brown color countertop add depth and character to your kitchen. As light reflects upon the surface, the marble comes alive transforming your space into a haven of charm and elegance.

The understated elegance of marble brown countertops appeals to those seeking a classic and versatile option for their kitchen. With Badger Granite, we guarantee you to provide the finest quality light brown marble countertop where each moment in your kitchen is framed. Explore other collections and transform your space with the enchanting allure of this remarkable stone.

Sturdy Elegance: The Unyielding Durability 

Beyond the captivating appearance of our dark brown marble countertop, Badger Granite is renowned for its yielding durability. Sourcing the highest quality marble, we ensure that your countertop remains resilient against the demands of daily use. Our experts, with years of experience, engineered the marble brown countertops that retain their exquisite appearance for years to come. The timeless and versatile nature of light brown marble countertops makes them an intelligent choice for various design styles, effortlessly blending with both neutral and vibrant color schemes.

Invest your fortune not only in elegance but also in lasting endurance with Badger Granite in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Enhance your kitchen’s charm with the enduring elegance of brown marble kitchen countertops and evoke a sense of sophistication and artistry.

Exceptional Quality Craftsmanship in Marble Kitchen Countertops

Being a testament to exceptional quality, Badger Granite offers high-quality countertops that bring out the natural beauty. Our skilled artisans meticulously carved and polished surfaces while maintaining the integrated veining pattern of brown marble countertops.

With high precision, every cut and every finish is executed with the utmost care that results in unparalleled craftsmanship. Let the artistry of our fantasy brown marble countertop meet the expertise of our craftsmanship. Explore our collection of exquisite brown marble kitchen countertops and create an ambiance that resonates with sophistication and timeless grace.

Expert Design Consultation for Brown Marble

At Badger Granite, our skilled design consultants are here to guide you through the process. We ensure that your vision for a space adorned with dark brown marble countertops comes to life in the most stunning and personalized way possible. Our consultants work closely with you to tailor the design to your unique preferences and lifestyle. From light and creamy tones to deep, earthy hues, we help you select the perfect one that complements your aesthetic and design goals.


Yes, there are several varieties of brown marble. These include Emperador Brown, Breccia Aurora, and Rojo Alicante.

Quartz manufacturers often produce patterns that mimic the look of natural stones, including brown marble. Some quartz options that resemble brown marble include Caesarstone's Emperadoro, Silestone's Copper Mist, and Cambria's Berwyn.

Carrara Marble is primarily known for its white or light gray background with subtle veining of blue-gray or light gray.