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Michael Lauber

Badger was great to work with on a quick turnaround project at our rental property. They were responsive, fairly priced and stuck to their promised timeline for measurements and install. Great overall experience.

Dominique Larson

It is a complete solution spot for your finishing work. Authorized dealer of kitchen countertops. They provide a full kitchen, vanities, and niches. They have excellent craftsmanship and deliver as per design and requirements.

Lori Mendelsohn

Very pleased with the results and an easy process along the entire way. Well priced, quality service and Victor is a gem. Thank you for the wonderful job you all did. Very grateful. You won’t find a better deal-I shopped around.

Ryan Hudziak

Large warehouse to browse available slabs of granite, fair pricing, and professional measurement process. I purchased pieces for in my kitchen and in my dining room in March, and they look great!

Customize Your Slabs to Perfection with a Myriad of Options for Countertop Edges

Every countertop edge, while often overlooked, is an essential part of the overall design aesthetics of a space. With a variety of edge designs available, Badger Granite ensures that each client finds the perfect match for their unique taste and interior styling. From contemporary eased edge countertop to timeless classics, our range ensures your slab not only looks great but also functions seamlessly in your space.

Eased Edge Countertop: The Standard Countertop Edges for Minimalist Elegance

Eased edge countertop, with its understated beauty, is often celebrated for its minimalist charm. At Badger Granite, these countertop edges are carefully crafted to eliminate sharp angles, offering a clean and modern finish to any countertop.

  • Functionality: Eased edge countertop provides a smooth finish, preventing potential chipping or damage.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Their clean lines easily blend with various design styles, especially modern interiors.
  • Safety: Countertop eased edges are round, ensuring no sharp corners, making it safer in households with children.

Bullnose Countertop Edge Options: Classic Edges for a Distinctive Style

Bullnose edges, recognized by their distinctive rounded edges, add a touch of elegance and classic charm to any countertop. These countertop edging options are renowned for their smooth finish and timeless beauty.

  • Half Bullnose: Features a subtle curve on the top half while keeping the bottom part flat, giving the stone a thicker appearance.
  • Full Bullnose: Rounded on both the top and bottom, this edge creates a soft, smooth finish on the countertop’s perimeter.
  • Demi Bullnose: This is a variation of the half bullnose but with a sharper and deeper curve, emphasizing the thickness of the countertop.

Bevel Edge Countertops: Customize Bevel the Way You Desire

Bevel edges, known for their slanted cuts, offer a sophisticated twist to traditional countertop designs. Badger Granite’s precision and craftsmanship shine in all countertop edge types, ensuring a flawless finish.

  • 1/2 Bevel: This style features a subtle 45-degree cut on the top half, offering a sleek appearance.
  • 3/4 Bevel: A deeper cut compared to the 1/2 bevel, emphasizing more of the stone’s thickness and beauty.
  • 1/4 Bevel: A slight angle on the very top edge, perfect for those seeking a minimalist yet distinctive touch.

Countertop Edge Options for Granite, Quartz, and Marble

  1. Granite Slabs: A robust and durable material, granite’s natural beauty can be further enhanced with a variety of edge designs. From intricate granite countertop edges to simpler cuts, the versatility of this natural material shines through every choice. When considering the granite cost, you’ll appreciate the value that these stunning slabs bring to your space.
  2. Quartz Slabs: Known for their consistent pattern and color, you can benefit immensely from precision-cut quartz countertop edges. Whether you prefer a subtle eased edge or a more pronounced bevel quartz countertop edge options, we handle them beautifully. When evaluating the quartz cost, you’ll find that our high-quality quartz slabs offer both style and affordability.
  3. Marble Slabs: The natural veins and swirls in marble are emphasized with the right edge design. Whether you’re going for a lavish look with a bullnose or a contemporary feel with a bevel, the elegance of marble countertop edges remains unparalleled. When assessing the marble cost, you’ll discover that these exquisite slabs offer timeless beauty and lasting value for your space.

Ready to Upgrade Your Countertop Edges? Get In Touch for a Quick Consultation

A countertop’s edge can redefine the entire aesthetic of a space. At Badger Granite, we understand the importance of attention to detail. If you’re ready to give your countertops that final touch of perfection, our team is here to guide you through the best countertop edge options tailored to your preferences. Visit Our Countertops Store in Oak Creek, Milwaukee or Contact us today and bring your countertop vision to life.