Premium Quartz

Premium Quartz

Transform Your Kitchen Space with Our Durable Countertops

Upgrade your home with the timeless beauty and durability of our quartz countertops collection! We offer a selection of quartz countertops that’ll go well with your kitchen’s style, decor, and design. On top of that, Quartz is known for its “nearly indestructible” nature, making it extremely durable and worthy of your investment. So, make your kitchen bright, alluring & functional with quartz countertops – explore our stunning collection below.

Explore the Vibrant Spectrum of Quartz Countertop Colors

Our affordable quartz countertops are as vibrant as they are enduring and versatile. Badger Granite offers a wide range of glossy and exquisite color options for quartz kitchen countertops. When it comes to choosing the perfect quartz countertop for your kitchen, consider the wide spectrum of Quartz countertops Colors we offer. The top choices include alluring pieces at our store in Oak Creek, Wisconsin:

Our white quartz countertops give your kitchen an airy, welcoming, and spacious look. The subtle veining patterns on the bright background give off a sense of style and elegance.

Cream quartz slabs, adorned with gold and gray speckles, create a touch of luxury in your kitchen. Get custom fabrication from cream kitchen countertops tailored to your kitchen design.

Our Black quartz countertops create a bold and daring style for your kitchen. Suitable for wide-open spaces, our quartz slabs in black offer unique style and outstanding durability.

Brown Quartz Countertops in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Embrace the traditional kitchen style with brown quartz countertops, designed to make your kitchen highly functional and elegant. Discover various style options in brown quartz slabs.

Gold Quartz Countertop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Stand out with your quartz countertop color choice – experience the unique charm of beige and gold quartz countertops featuring the patterns of charming veins and speckles.

Gray Quartz Countertops in Oak Creek, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Our gray quartz countertops are ideal for both indoor and outdoor setting, as its neutral shades go well with any style or design. Explore our superior collection and find the slab you love.

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Caesarstone, Silestone, LG Viatera, and Cambria Quartz are the most praiseworthy brands in the Quartz countertops sector.
The cheapest option for quartz can be as less as $55 to $65 per square foot, but at such a low price, the quality might not be that impressive, as the appearance might begin to fade soon.
Quartz surfaces are indeed customizable but the sink options are still pretty much limited as compared to natural stone countertops. In addition, they can be comparatively expensive as compared to granite & marble.
Quartz is relatively more expensive than granite countertops since they’re manmade and require effort and expert craftsmanship.
Quartz is better in terms of versatility of designs and durability since they’re “nearly indestructible” and are crafted with extreme meticulousness.
Quartz is a very robust material and is bound together through quality resins and polymers for exceptional durability.
Since quartz is non-porous, they do not need to be sealed. Additionally, liquids and stains do not penetrate into quartz owing to its seamless, smooth surface.
Quartz is durable, stylish, versatile, and ultra-modern. The only downside can be its price which is relatively more expensive than granite and marble.
The shades of white, grey, black, beige, cream, and ivory are the most popular quartz colors.
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100% Satisfaction
Michael Lauber

Badger was great to work with on a quick turnaround project at our rental property. They were responsive, fairly priced and stuck to their promised timeline for measurements and install. Great overall experience.

Dominique Larson

It is a complete solution spot for your finishing work. Authorized dealer of kitchen countertops. They provide a full kitchen, vanities, and niches. They have excellent craftsmanship and deliver as per design and requirements.

Lori Mendelsohn

Very pleased with the results and an easy process along the entire way. Well priced, quality service and Victor is a gem. Thank you for the wonderful job you all did. Very grateful. You won’t find a better deal-I shopped around.

Ryan Hudziak

Large warehouse to browse available slabs of granite, fair pricing, and professional measurement process. I purchased pieces for in my kitchen and in my dining room in March, and they look great!

Explore the Outstanding Beauty of Quartz Countertops: Colors & Styles

Add an amazing value to your kitchen or bathroom and choose from quartz countertops by Badger Granite in Oak Creek, WI. Variety of quartz countertop colors and styles that fit your perfect design vision.


Cream and white quartz countertops lend a sense of timeless elegance to the room and give the space a brighter and airier feel. In fact, Badger Granite offers many edge profiles so that you can further customize the look of your Cambria quartz countertops. Finish off your ideal countertop with a classic bullnose or modern waterfall edge.

Extensive Color Options for Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Oak Creek, Milwaukee, WI

  • Consider a rose quartz countertop for your home to add a touch of elegance and warmth to any kitchen or bathroom, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.
  • Our collection of blue quartz countertops offers a stunning pop of color and a sense of tranquility to your kitchen or bathroom. 
  • Our Calacatta Grande quartz offers the luxurious look of Calacatta marble with the added benefits of quartz’s durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Add a touch of personality and depth to your space with our durable and captivating quartz countertops with blue veins. 

Quartz Countertops: Built to Last

Designed to serve as decorative and functional, quartz countertops for your home by Badger Granite in Oak Creek, Milwaukee, WI are carefully built to serve you in the long run. Check out the exceptional benefits that come with peace of mind. 

Unmatched Durability

The toughness of natural quartz slabs is impervious to scratches, chips, and dings that can spoil other materials. Our quartz counters will make sure getting scratches from a hot pot on the countertop is no longer a worry anymore so you can cook on it without the fear of spots on the surface. 

The Art of Craftsmanship

We maintain great attention to detail for our quartz countertops at Badger Granite. With State-of-the-art machinery and skilled craftsmen, we make sure you get the perfect cut to match your space. Badger Granite is destination where the elegance of natural quartz kitchen countertops and state-of-the-art fabrication unite to create your vision of a great home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Transform Your Space with Quartz Countertops Services

At Badger Granite in Oak Creek, Milwaukee, WI, we offer affordable quartz countertops coupled with quality services to fit individual needs. Our services include everything you need to make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality from start to finish.

Custom Tailored Quartz Countertop Templating

We began our perfect countertop installation project with exact measurements. Using the latest technology in laser templating, our skilled team takes highly precise measurements of your space ensuring the perfect fit with your quartz countertop in Milwaukee, WI choice. For a truly captivating look, consider sky blue quartz countertops.  

Seamless Fabrication & Installation

Once that is complete, our skilled artisans will come in and fabricate your new quartz countertop. Our quartz double sink vanity tops offer a practical and stylish solution for your bathroom. With cutting-edge production capabilities, we produce your custom countertops with an attention to detail. We ensure:

  • Professional-Grade Cuts: Experienced tools will provide professional-grade, quality cuts.
  • Invisible, Perfect Seams: Our skilled fabricators use modern techniques to produce seamless seams that blend beautifully with your countertop estate, leaving you with one continuous, lovely surface.
  • Precise Installation: Our approved installers are professionals at what they do and will install your countertops perfectly and with the best level possible to perform.

Schedule Your Free In-Home Consultation with Badger Granite in Oak Creek, Milwaukee, WI

So are you ready to install the change in your house with the quartz countertops nearby Milwaukee, WI? Call Badger Granite in Oak Creek, Milwaukee, WI to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our design experts will talk through your ideas and provide you with access to our wide range of quartz samples.

Let’s build an amazing space with Milwaukee countertops that you will enjoy for many years to come. Visit our store and get the affordable quartz countertop price per square foot.

Frequently Asked Questions
Quartz countertops are considered man-made or engineered stone surfaces. They comprise approximately 90-95% natural quartz crystals combined with resins, pigments, and other materials. This combination of natural quartz and engineered components gives white quartz countertops durability, strength, and non-porous properties.
Yes, one of the significant advantages of quartz countertops is their resistance to stains and scratches. The engineered nature of blue quartz countertops makes them highly durable and less prone to damage than natural stone surfaces like marble or granite. Quartz is a non-porous material, meaning it doesn’t absorb liquids, making it highly resistant to stains.
Cleaning and maintaining quartz countertops for the kitchen is relatively easy. You can use mild soap or detergent and warm water for regular cleaning. Avoid abrasive or harsh cleaners as they can damage the surface. Wipe spills promptly to prevent potential staining. Quartz countertops don’t require sealing since they are non-porous. It’s also advisable to use trivets or hot pads when placing hot pots or pans on the surface to avoid thermal shock.