Supply Management Specialist
(Oak Creek, WI)

Responsible for supply chain initiatives, including vendor qualification and management, procurement strategy, and vendor negotiations; analyze and document supply chain-specific reporting and analytical requirements; analyze data to generate demand planning and forecasting reports in order to achieve efficient product and supply distribution; work with sales to develop strong sales and financial forecasts; manage inventory balance between customer demand, internal stock levels, and manufacturing capacity to eliminate overstock and backorder risk; negotiate the best prices, service, quality, and turnaround /delivery terms and apply strategic considerations to purchasing decisions; improve transportation and warehousing network to achieve the most cost-effective solutions, improve operational performance and on-time delivery rate.


Bachelor’s degree in any major required. M-F, 40 hrs/wk. Send Resume (by mail only) to Sadullah Unal, Badger Granite LLC, 1060 W Northbranch Dr., Oak Creek, WI 53154.