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Most frequent questions and answers

That depends. A backsplash is meant to protect your bare walls from, well, backsplash from the sink. If your kitchen wall is already tiled, you won’t need a backsplash. However, a backsplash is more than a functional feature. It is a great opportunity for you to put in accents. They come in many designs and materials, from stone to metal, and some can really make the room pop.

If you do choose one, you can choose a standard backsplash, which goes up 4 inches, one that goes all the way to the bottom of the cabinets, or anywhere in between. Rule of thumb, the higher the backsplash, the more expensive.

Not at all. Different edge profiles can significantly change the character and function of your countertops. A straight edge, for example, is the simplest type of edge profile, and is much in keeping with a minimalist look, while an ogee edge is more in keeping with traditional kitchens. A mitered edge makes your countertop look thicker than it is. You should understand that the edge profile you choose can add to your costs, so if you have a tight budget, choose a simple edge.

That depends on how much you use them. In general, our recommendation is to reseal them once a year. You don’t have to hire anybody to do that. It is easy enough to do yourself. Contact us to find out what commercially available granite sealants would best suit your purposes.

In some cases, you may not even have to seal it at all. Some granite stones are so dense they are non-porous. Check if this is the case by doing the water test. Splash some water on your granite countertops and wait a few minutes. If it darkens where the water is sitting, you need to seal it.

If you are confused about what you should choose, contact us for a quick educational tour.

You need to get a licensed plumber to hook up your new kitchen sink. We are only licensed to put in your bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops, and may not legally do any plumbing work.

Not really. Once you’ve chosen the stone you need, and we have taken delivery of the slabs, it should not take more than 10 days to do the prep work, which includes building the support structure (if needed), creating the template, and fabricating the stone. The actual installation will only take a few hours.

In our experience, most existing cabinet supports are strong enough to support natural stone with a bit of tweaking. However, if your cabinet supports are in poor condition, or configured incorrectly for your new countertops, we may need to replace them. Rest assured that our estimators will do their best to minimize your cash outlay as much as possible.

That said, engineered quartz is usually heavier than natural stone, so we may need to add reinforcements, just to be on the safe side.

We find that our clients can make a better decision when they get a first-hand look at the natural stones we have on offer. Natural stones tend to have surprising twists, so even if we send you a sample, the slab itself may look very different. If you choose quartz countertops, however, the sample will be representative of the whole slab, so you will not have to visit the showroom. That said, we do like to personal contact with our potential clients so we can give you customized advice.

You don’t have to do a whole lot to get a cost estimate at Badger Granite. Simply contact us to get a free consultation, and we’ll walk you through it. Remember, you are under no obligation to get into a contract with us. If you like our proposal, then that’s fine.

That depends on many factors, including the size of your kitchen the number of countertops, the type of stone, number of cutouts and seams, edge profile, and other add ons such as backsplashes and fixtures. You can ask us for a NO-OBLIGATION FREE cost estimate by phone or email.