Your Ultimate Guide to Granite Countertops Cost in 2024

Kitchen granite countertops are often the focal point of any kitchen design. Many people decide on different kitchen design ideas but are not sure what the final product will look like once the countertops are in place. This concern aggravates even more considering the high cost of granite per square foot.

It is undeniable that custom granite countertops can highly increase the curb appeal in your kitchen and bathroom. It has amazing hardness and resistance against scratch and heat.

Likewise, the fine natural veining and color transition of granite are completely stunning, the main reason why most homeowners are after it. Aside from enhancing aesthetics, you get a return on your investment from this lucrative stone countertop. Here’s our complete granite countertops cost guide to understand every relevant detail about their prices. So, let’s begin with our exploration to the query “How much do granite countertops cost?”, followed by a granite slab prices list based on customization, level of the slab, colors & other factors.

Granite countertops offer both luxury and durability for kitchen remodels, with costs varying based on quality level, color, customization, and installation. Typically, granite countertop prices range from $40 to $100 per square foot depending on the slab type, quality, and customization level. Granite comes with five main quality levels, with prices for Level 1 starting at $40 and Level 5 going up to $100 per square foot.

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Granite colors such as blue, black, white, and gold have distinct pricing ranges, and customization based on size and edge work further affects the price. Installation, which includes labor, sink cut-outs, and other materials, can add between $2,000 to $4,000 to the total cost. For budget-conscious consumers, granite remnants provide a more affordable yet still attractive option.

Average Cost of Granite Countertops Per Square Foot

With granite countertops, you have both expensive and cost-effective options to choose from. The average cost of installed granite kitchen countertops is between $50 to $200 per square foot based on the level. Here’s what to know more about Granite pricing based on the level of quality.

Cost of Granite Slab for Different Levels of Quality

So, let’s get straight to how much is granite per square foot. The average cost of granite countertops per sq ft is calculated based on the quality level and slab piece. Although the cost of granite varies in color, design, and style, the most important factor to consider is the level of the granite slab.

Similar to other natural and engineered stone countertops, granite also has various levels based on its quality and intricacy of design. In the market, there are mostly five, from Level 1, Level 2 Granite Cost, & Level 3 Granite Cost to Level 4 & 5. But it can reach all the way up to seven levels for some. Correspondingly, granite prices vary for each level.

Granite Price Per Level

A photo showing the Granite Price Per Level in Milwaukee Wisconsin


There are five levels of granite pricing. Badger Granite can help you in choosing the most suitable quality that can match your preference and finances, according to granite pricing levels.

  • Level 1 Granite Cost: Also known as entry-level granite, it’s commercial grade granite used in pre-fab remodels and commercial purposes. The average level 1 granite cost is around $40 per sq ft. The designs and colors are standard in this granite level. It is about 3/8 inch (1 centimeter) thick.
  • Level 2 Granite Cost: Also known as mid-grade granite, its thickness is around ¾ inch. The average level 2 granite cost is around $50 per sq ft. The colors and designs are more unique Rather than having uniform patterns, it has a range of markings. It is 3/4 inch (2 centimeters) thick compared to level 1.

  • Level 3 Granite Cost: It’s also known as high-grade granite and is of the finest quality, and is found rarely (mostly imported from India and Brazil). The level 3 granite cost can go up to $65 per sq ft. This level is rarer in appearance and has more uncommon colors and veining. It has an average thickness of at least 3/4 inch (2 centimeters).

  • Granite Level 4: This level usually has granite in the high-end to luxury range. Perfect for residential usage, this level has various unique colors and veins you can choose from. Ranging from $65 to $75, this granite is a great choice if you want a wide range of options.

  • Granite Level 5: This level has granite that is in the luxury range. It is perfect for use in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other busy area. Starting from $75 to up to $100, this granite has the best quality in terms of durability and more, with extremely rare colors and designs. 

Granite is also available in even higher levels, and the average cost of granite countertops per sq ft for the highest level, i.e., level 5, goes up to $100. The quality and rarity are rightfully enhanced.

Level 1 $40-$50
Level 2 $50-$60
Level 3 $55-$65
Level 4 $65-$75
Level 5 $75-$100

We can help you in choosing the most suitable quality that can match your preference and finances.


Granite Price Per Square Foot Based on Customization

The cost of granite largely varies with customization as well. A big kitchen may have no problem accommodating a large granite countertop, but if you only have small kitchen counters, then you will need to determine what size you can fit in, and the cost of granite per square foot will also be determined accordingly.

  • The most affordable granite in the market are those prefab types which are easy to install. The granite prices for these types range from $45 to $115 per square foot.
  • Meanwhile, the most expensive granite per square foot is the one that is customized with a worked edge. The installed price of Granite Countertops for these ones goes from $175 to $250 per square foot.

Granite Countertops Price Variation Based on Color

Granite colors and prices do share strong relevancy. The overall granite slab prices list highly varies in terms of color. For instance, the black granite countertop price is significantly less as compared to the several hues of blue, grey & cream. Among different granite countertop colors, the priciest one is blue.  So, color is another important factor to look for, particularly when you’re on a budget.

 Let’s uncover granite slab prices based on different colors:

Blue Granite Countertops Price

Among blue granite countertops colors, the priciest one is blue which range from $70 to $100 and higher granite price per square foot. The Blue Bahia cost around $120 per square foot while the most affordable blue countertops is Blue Eyes, that is, $45 per square foot. The blue pearl granite, fantasy blue granite, and Lemurian blue granite have attractive and unique look, and hence Lemurian blue granite cost is somewhat higher. Blue dunes granite cost per square foot depend upon its colors, usually it is available in black, grey, and cream and it has traditional look.

Black Granite Countertops Cost

One of the most exquisite granite countertop colors is the black slab, featuring the essence of modernity and minimalism alike. The black granite price per square foot usually falls between $20 to $70 granite price per square foot. The Nordic Black is $70 per square foot and has the highest cost. Meanwhile, Black Galaxy and Premium Black granite price per square foot are at the same, that is, $40 to $50. It is dark granite countertops which make your kitchen attractive.

The first thing to consider before going for black granite countertops price is to make sure that the color is original. You may have an idea in mind but will need to take a second look at the colors available. Most black granite countertops kitchen looks great, but if you want to go with something more unusual, you may want to choose black and white granite countertops for kitchen.

White Granite Countertops Cost per square foot

In contrast, white granite countertops cost per square foot is more affordable than black granite cost. The average cost of the former is $40 to $60 per square foot. Blanco Romano and River White Granite cost is similar – $45 granite cost per sq ft for both Blanco & River White Granite, while SnowFall white granite countertops price per square foot hits at $60.

Gold Granite Countertops Price

This granite color is usually on a level two quality where price hits between $50 to $60 granite per square foot. The average price of this granite color is $40 to $75 per square foot where the priciest one is Niagara Gold ($70-$75). Whereas, Venetian and Colonial Gold granite are of the same $40 granite stone price per sq ft.

Budget-Friendly Granite Remnants

If you are working on a tight budget for your small kitchen and bathroom remodelling, then the latest granite countertops remnants can be your suitable choice. These are leftover from the standard granite slabs with a parallel level of beauty and durability.

The main setback will be irregular shape and dimension. The average cost of granite per square foot remnants is between $10 to $35. Commonly, this type stretches to 42 inches in length, still viable for your island, vanity tops, and kitchen countertops.

A chart showing the average price of granite countertops per square foot. The chart shows that the average price of granite countertops ranges from $29.99 per square foot.

Installation Cost of Granite Kitchen Countertops

Aside from the quality and design of granite, the cost to install the slabs will equally affect the overall budget for your granite kitchen countertops. You need to consider this factor to prevent a huge shortfall or overspending on your granite installation project.

Let’s break down your granite installation cost into the following: Custom edge and sink Cut-out, Labor, and total installation cost for the granite slab.

  • The cost for edging and cutting a hole for your sink in your granite is $200 – $300 and $100, respectively.
  • The overall labor is between $400 to $1,000 and the materials hit at $100 to $200.
  • You can expect a total budget between $2,000 to $4,000 for installing granite kitchen countertops.


Selecting the right granite countertop is more than just a design choice; it’s an investment in the heart of your home. With a vast range of prices based on quality, color, customization, and installation, you have the flexibility to find an option that aligns with both your aesthetic preferences and budget.

Understanding the various factors that influence the cost, from the quality levels to the distinct hues and installation intricacies, empowers you to make an informed decision. Whether you opt for the high-end granite slab or the economical granite remnants, your countertop can combine both functionality and elegance gracefully.

Where to Find Granite Countertops with Fabrication and Installation Options?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Granite is certainly cheaper in quartz since it is found naturally and doesn’t require as much human labor as quartz does.

The average price of granite is $50 per sq ft. For 10ft, you can expect it to be around $500 to $700 per sq ft.

Granite cost is available in 5 levels. The least expensive one (level 1) starts from $50 and goes up to (level 5) $100 per sq ft.

The overall granite labor cost starts from $400 and goes up to $1000 depending on the type of granite and how much precision is required.

The highest level is level 5 of granite but it’s available rarely, usually imported from around the world, and hence available at the highest per sq ft costs up to $100 per sq ft.