How to Select the Right Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen

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The range of colors and designs for quartz stones guarantees you will find one that will fit your idea of countertops kitchen. In fact, this breadth of choice makes it harder to make the right one, which can have a significant effect on the overall look of your kitchen. Designers and homeowners often use kitchen countertops as the focal point of the kitchen design, so making the right decision is crucial for remodeling success. 

Kitchen countertops are also a significant investment, representing a big chunk of the budget. It would be a real bummer if you choose the wrong quartz stone for your countertops. They last for many years, so you will not actually 

Additionally, kitchen countertops represent a big part of your construction or remodeling budget, so making the wrong choice can have serious consequences. Quartz countertops are durable so you will not have a chance to replace them for a long time. Choosing quartz countertops to match your kitchen will be much easier if you follow some tips.

Pick a color you like

Color has a profound effect on your general mood. Since you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you should choose a color that has a positive effect on you. You can still get some inspiration from kitchen designs online magazines and image sites, but stick to the colors that puts you in a good mood. 

If you are not sure what colors will work for you, clip some images of kitchens you like and look through them once you have a good collection. You can usually pick out the ones with colors and combinations that call out to you personally. Generally, colors are either warm or cool, so decide which one you prefer for your kitchen. 

You will typically need to choose two main complementary colors and one secondary color. You can check the color wheel to see which colors are complementary.  Your quartz countertops should be one of the main colors. You can bring the images or photos you collected to your countertop specialist to help you choose the perfect quartz to go with the design of your choice. 

You can use the secondary color as an accent to help you transition from one main color to the other, such as gray wall paint to transition from a black quartz countertops and white cabinets. Avoid picking more than four colors for your kitchen to keep the design cohesive.

If you are remodeling a kitchen but keeping the color scheme, you can choose your quartz countertop to go with the existing elements in the room. You will definitely want to consult the color wheel in this case. 

Keep light in mind

You may not realize it, but the amount of light that a kitchen receives has a profound effect on the look of your quartz countertops. A naturally sunny kitchen is great, but it can change the way your quartz stone looks. You will also need to protect your quartz countertops from direct sunlight to keep it from fading. 

You also have to consider the type and amount of artificial light you bring in. They come in tones ranging from daylight to warm white, and LED lights even come in different colors.  

Before choosing a quartz stone for your kitchen, bring home a selection of samples of the ones you like best. You can check how they look in areas where you intend to put quartz countertops under various light conditions. If you are replacing existing countertops, drape a cloth in a similar color as your quartz samples to ensure you get the correct effect. 

Some quartz stones can look dull under certain lights, so try to have a selection of different types of bulbs on hand to test how they look from different angles. This will also affect your decisions on the types of lights you choose as well as their placement.

Finally, choose a quartz stone that will improve the visual space. If you have a large kitchen, any color will do. However, if you have a tiny kitchen, you might want to stay away from darker colors to avoid a closed in effect. Choose lighter colors overall to make the room look bigger, but be circumspect when choosing white quartz stone. White can cause glare in kitchens that receive a lot of light.  Generally, you are safe with neutral colors when you have a small kitchen. 

Choose accents

Because kitchen countertops tend to dominate the room, you will want everything else to bring out its finest points. You can do this by choosing accent colors or décor that harks back to highlights in the stone, or perhaps light fixtures that echo the general style of the countertops. 

For example, if you choose black quartz with gray streaks, you might want to pick out cabinet hardware in stainless steel or chrome. Ideally, your accents should be easily changed or replaced as these can have a subtle effect on the overall style of the kitchen. 


Choosing quartz countertops to match your kitchen is a good way to express your personality without making a big deal out of it. Colors can influence the design in significant ways, so make sure you choose ones that goes in the right direction. 

If you need assistance with your quartz countertops, you can always consult with a reputable countertop supplier in your area.

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