Make Use of Natural Stone Countertop to Increase Curb Appeal

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When it comes to the authenticity of veining and texture, nothing can beat natural stone countertops. There are different types of stone countertops in the market such as granite, quartz, marble, soapstone, limestone, and slate stone slab countertops. For each type, there is an array of color and design variations to choose from.

In comparison with engineered stone countertops, veining and color combinations of natural stone slab countertop are unique. Even when you cut a single stone slab into two, neither of the half pieces have identical designs. This, in turn, provides timeless elegance which appraised home value.

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Here are the top five best stone slab countertops for you to choose from in the market. All of these stone countertops increase the curb appeal of your home.

1. Granite Stone Slab Countertop

This is the leading natural stone countertop when it comes to home and commercial remodeling. It is renowned for its excellent durability and rich deep color which exhibits a dramatic appearance.

In comparison to marble, granite slabs have finer veinings and texture with specks of different colors. It comes in different colors such as brown, black, white, beige, pink, red, green, and blue.

Granite slabs are naturally porous except for black granite which is denser and less porous among its types. You need to perform an annual sealing process to cover its pores and enhance anti-stain properties.

2. Marble Stone Slab Countertop

This metamorphic stone slab countertop has a natural glossy appearance which naturally develops patina over time. It is usually offered at a higher cost because of its pristine and timeless beauty. Further, it has good resistance against heat, unlike quartz which darkens.

Marble stone slab countertops typically have bolder veinings with higher color consistency. The main setback of this stone is that it is naturally soft and porous which makes it prone to etching and stains. Nevertheless, etch marks can be easily remedied by buffing its surface.

If you want something more durable, the industry has made cultured marble engineered stone countertops. It has parallel designs with natural marble with enhanced durability and anti-stain properties.

3. Slate Stone Slab Countertop

This is another metamorphic rock with soft nature but denser than marble. It has better non-porous traits compared to marble but still requires periodic sealing like granite stone countertops.

This inexpensive stone countertop comes in different colors such as gray, black, brown, charcoal, blue, green, and red. Compared to granite and marble, soapstone countertop requires less cleaning and sealing maintenance.

4. Soapstone Stone Slab Countertop

This natural stone countertop has a milky white appearance which gradually develops a patina through time to achieve that rustic look. There is much warmth when you have this natural stone in your kitchen countertop.

It may not be as durable as granite but it is less prone to breaking because it is highly pliable. Further, it is completely non-porous compared to granite and marble stones. Another setback of soapstone is that it can be easily scratched, so use a chopping board when cutting on its surface.

5. Limestone Stone Slab Countertop

This natural stone slab countertop is known for its pastel beauty which fairly fits on any design and color of your kitchen and bathroom space. This is the main reason why limestone is also a great choice when it comes to increasing curb appeal.

However, the main setback of limestone is its soft and porous nature. You need to have higher maintenance and cleaning with this fragile stone slab.

Tips Increasing Home Curb Appeal Using Natural Stones

We are done discussing the various natural stones used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Now, here are some tips on how to use these natural stones aside from countertops to increase the curb appeal of your home.

1. Natural Stone for Exterior Siding

For the sidings outside your home, you can readily choose from the lists of natural stones to install and make it an accent. The elegant beauty of these natural stones is an eye-catching scenery for all passersby outside your home.

2. Stone Footpath

You can use these natural stones as your wide stone footpath leading to the main door of your home. It completely matches with the small front garden of your house. Likewise, you can also do some stone paving designs to your patio.

3. Stone Accents on your Main Columns

To give an architectural accent to your main columns, you can stick natural stones around its body or in the base section. Likewise, stone veneer is a cost-efficient accent to place in the exterior surface of your home. It serves as a natural charmer which adds warmth and airy ambiance.

4. Construct a Low Stone Wall

In your backyard, you can construct a low-height stone wall made from natural stones. This greatly complements with the earthy feeling of your backyard. Further, it has a more inviting feeling for people entering your home.


These natural stone countertops provide an efficient way of lifting the curb appeal of your home when done in the right way. Whether you are selling your property or not, choosing the right stone is a challenging task which requires careful planning and market research.

If you need any assistance with getting a high-quality and customized natural stone countertops, simply contact Badger Granite or visit us at Yelp anytime. Give us a call so you can get a free quote for your needs.

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