15 Bathroom Countertop Ideas for Every Kind of Home

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Unlike your kitchen countertops, your custom bathroom countertops only consume a small space. This is the main reason why it is easier to decorate and turn into a lavish vanity top. If you are looking for creative ideas in sprucing up your cheap bathroom countertops without breaking your budget, then you are in the right spot.

Check out these 15 ideas on how to make your small bathroom countertops standout and increase the curb appeal in your shower and bath.

1. Blues All Over Bathroom Countertops

One of the most refreshing and relaxing colors you can have for your cheap bathroom countertops is blue. For that, there are different stone countertops to choose from such as blue quartz, granite, and marble. It produces a cool and crisp atmosphere inside your newly remodeled shower and bath.

Your blue bathroom countertop can fit well with any wooden furniture or accessories on top or below it. A vanity mirror with dark wood grain frame will stand out from your blue bathroom wall as well.

2. Rustic Feel with Polished Butcher Block Bathroom Countertop

Similar to stone countertops, your high-gloss wooden bathroom countertop looks stunning with its rustic ambiance in a modern bathroom space. It becomes the focal point in your shower and bath.

The fine wood grain texture and pattern on your butcher block lets you remember the serene and calm environment of the countryside. Likewise, when you want a nostalgic appeal, you can never be wrong from installing a mirror-like surface wooden bathroom vanity top.

3. Versatile Concrete Bathroom Countertop

Your concrete bathroom vanity top can fit well with any accessory and color with your cabinetry and bathroom wall. The industrial feel of concrete can be turned into an elegant appeal using chrome-plate surfaces below your vanity mirror and stainless faucets and fixtures.

Pairing your concrete vanity top with a dark-colored vanity cabinet underneath creates a holistic balance between its Earthy ambiance. Likewise, you can place a vase of flower or plant to add some ornamental beauty to your bathroom space.

4. Pristine White Look of Marble Bathroom Countertops

Despite the vulnerabilities of marble stone, a lot of people are still hungry for it. The innate polished surface of marble increases the brightness even if you have only a few lights inside. Two of the most popular marble countertops that have captured the market are Carrara and Calacatta.

When you want a dramatic appeal with lighter tones, marble is the way to do it. Likewise, you will love the natural patina it develops over time. If you want to balance the coolness of marble, you can install wooden vanity cabinets and mirrors with wooden frames.

5. Natural Warmth Tan Brown Granite Bathroom Countertops

You can choose to install granite countertops with fine specks of tan brown and gold hues to elevate the natural warmth in your shower and bath. This can pair well when you place a vanity cabinet made of darker wood grain. Meanwhile, a white tile backsplash can make a good balance between your earthy bathroom countertop and the wooden vanity cabinet.

On top of your bathroom vanity top, you can place clear glass or acrylic jars and vases of flowers and plants to add some green thumb accent in your bathroom space.

6. Masculine Soapstone Bathroom Countertop

Soapstone is naturally durable and scratch-proof which serves as a good material for your bathroom vanity top. By installing soapstone, you are likely to enjoy its masculine and sleek appeal. The natural patina it develops in the long run exudes a warm  atmosphere without being boring.

You can install copper plated fixtures and faucets on your vanity top to achieve that classic feel. Place some green ornaments on your vanity counter to put more life into your bathroom.

7. Exotic and Neat Limestone Bathroom Countertops

Limestone has parallel traits with soapstone and travertine but with a distinct purplish tone and fewer patterns. If you want to have a modern urban appeal, then choose darker tones of limestone. For a peaceful and relaxing feel, then pale or lighter tones is most advisable.

Limestone pairs well with fixtures, accents, accessories, and surfaces with silver, nickel, or chrome-plated finish. This stone requires sealing and care because of its soft nature.

8. Clear Glass Bathroom Countertops

If you have a small bathroom, then installing glass bathroom countertops is ideal. It allows light to reflect and pass through this material which promotes an airy ambiance. When you have this, you can pair it up with a glass vessel sink to create a sleek hotel-like appeal in your small bathroom remodeling.

9. Creamy White Solid Surface Bathroom Countertops

The best benefits of choosing solid surface is its reliable strength, anti-stain and anti-bacterial properties. Unlike marble, this one requires lower cleaning requirements. The creamy and smooth surface of solid surface is great to achieve a neat and hygienic shower and bath.

You can have dark-colored faucets and fixtures to have a good contrast with your white wall and creamy soapstone countertops. You can go for white cabinetry with copper knobs and hinges to blend with this as well.

10. Cozy White Quartz Bathroom Countertops – h2

The coziness of white quartz can be made into different designs of bathroom countertops. For small bathrooms, you can opt for a freestanding or floating vanity tops. The glossy surface of quartz with fine patterns and specks of gray or blue creates a modern urban appeal in your remodeling.

11. Historical Green Marble Bathroom Countertops

You can choose to have a polished or matte finish green marble stone for your bathroom vanity top. The overall appeal you will have for your this material will be a classy and historical presence inside your bathroom.

It pairs well with black or dark-colored faucets, fixtures, and and maple wood shaker style cabinetry. It makes your bathroom space more exquisite and fancy.

12. Sleek Chic Travertine Bathroom Countertops

The intricate and sophisticated patterns and appearance of travertine makes it a good material in achieving a sleek chic appeal. This stone is a type of limestone with parallel traits with marble. You can have four types of finishes for travertine – matte, glossy, beveled edge, and tumbled.

This stone countertop pairs well with chrome-plated or silver surfaces. You can also opt for wooden cabinets with darker tones. When you want an antique appeal in your bathroom, travertine can be a good choice.

13. White Granite Bathroom Countertops

The finer gray veinings of white granite countertops portrays a chic appearance with flair of modernism. It works well with stainless steel faucets and trays placed on top to contain your vanity jars. You can have a white or bluish-white wall to create a seamless transition from your vanity top going up to your bathroom ceiling.

14. Terrazzo Countertops

This is an eco-friendly material for your affordable bathroom countertops. Similar to engineered stones, this material has extreme versatility with design and patterns to match your desired bathroom appeal.  It has good resistance against scratch, cuts, stains, and very easy to clean and maintain.

15. Affordable Tile Bathroom Countertops

Installing white tile for your bathroom countertops is a good option when you want to save on cost. The aesthetics is not parallel with granite, quartz, or marble but it will give you a hygienic and spotless appeal in your shower and bath.

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