Factors Affecting the Cost of Granite Countertops

Many people continue to choose granite for their kitchen countertops despite the growing popularity of other materials. In some cases, it is because it is a natural stone. In others, it is because of its uniqueness and durability. Whatever the reason, you will still find granite countertops is in many homes and continues to be the top choice for new kitchen remodels. 

The fortunate thing for homeowners on a budget is that granite countertops are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be. You can get granite countertops for as low as $40 per square foot, installed. As the smallest area for kitchen countertops is about 26 square feet, the minimum you will spend is around $2,000. 

It is not a princely sum, but still an investment. If you have a very tight budget and you want granite countertops, you can check out these factors affecting the cost of granite countertops. These might be able to help you save some money. 


People who do not know any better might go to big box stores looking for granite slabs. However, you are not going to find a very large selection there, or get the best deals.  In most cases, big box store prices are 40% more than specialist stores. Badger Granite, for example, offers homeowners their choice of Level A granite countertops starting from $35 per square foot, installed. 

Big box stores also outsource fabrication and installation work, adding to the overall costs. Countertop specialists have the staff, skills, and equipment to be your one-stop shop for providing you with granite countertops at the best prices.

Additionally, countertop specialists have a much wider selection of not only granite slabs, but also marble and quartz as well as other materials. 

Big box stores might be convenient, but investments such as kitchen countertops deserve special treatment. Going to a reliable countertop specialist is convenient anyway, as you can ask for an in-home consultation and estimate without committing to a contract until you have explored all your options. It just makes all manner of good sense to find a good countertop specialist in your area. 


When you go to a granite supplier, you will find many different slabs from various countries. The one thing they probably have in common is the thickness, which is typically 2-cm and 3-cm. 

The thicker slabs are, of course, more expensive per square foot, so you can spend quite a bit of money by choosing the thinner slabs. This is not too much of a problem if you have a small area to cover or if you have sufficient support for larger areas. You can consult with your contractor if the thinner slab is a good idea.  


Granite is everywhere, making up about 80% of the Earth’s crust. However, some granite types are rarer than others are, and are therefore more expensive. The source can also affect the price per square foot because of shipping costs. 

You can save some money by choosing more common granite types from local or near sources. Note that granite from the US might be more expensive than imported ones because of the labor costs. 

Less expensive granite slabs are just as durable and beautiful as expensive ones, so you will not be compromising on quality. Your granite supplier can provide you with options based on your budget. If you require quite a bit of square footage, you might be able to afford more expensive slabs because installation costs tend to go down for larger projects. 


Most people associate slabs for granite countertops and you only pay for the square footage you need. However, the price per square foot for whole slabs is different for remnants. Remnants are the leftover pieces from earlier projects, and some are quite large. You might want to look through the remnant pieces available from your supplier rather than whole slabs, especially if you only have a small area to cover. 

In some cases, you might even be able to create an interesting look in your kitchen or bathroom by using different remnant pieces, especially when dealing with granite countertops colors. Granite tends to have great variations in color and pattern within a slab, anyway, so mismatched pieces might not be a bad thing.

Another alternative to slabs are tiles. Granite suppliers have tiles in standard sizes, and they cost a lot less than slabs. They are also a lot thinner, so they are not so heavy. Tiles are particularly useful if you have non-standard countertop shapes. You can even DIY the installation if you have existing countertops. However, using granite tiles means having a lot more seams for the countertops, which might not be a look you want.

You can compromise by installing granite tiles for backsplashes and whole slabs for countertops. You will still see significant savings without having to deal with seams. 


Most countertop specialists will typically offer a glossy or polished finish for countertops, and sometimes a matte finish. These are the most popular finishes for granite, so they will not usually charge you extra for it. However, if you choose another finish such as leathered or hammered, the fabricator will most probably add a fee. If you want to avoid that, stick to glossy or matte finishes. 

Edge treatment

All stone countertops have an edge, and the edge treatment ranges from the simplest (square, eased) to the most complicated (double ogee, mitered). Most countertop specialists will include a simple edge treatment with the package free of charge. However, if you want a complex edge treatment, you will have to pay extra for it, as these require considerable skill and several passes to make. Choose simpler edge treatments if you want to cut down your costs.  


Granite countertops are great choices for your kitchen remodel, but they can be a significant investment. This can be a problem if you have a limited budget. However, you can have your cake and eat it too if you make the right choices. The above factors are some of the areas where you can save some money without compromising on the quality of your granite countertops. A reputable countertop specialist can help you with that. 

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