The Attractiveness of Granite Countertops

Before, kitchen countertops were very undermined and people were just buying the cheap laminate countertops for the purpose of having a counter where they can prepare the food. But today, the kitchen and its counter have taken the limelight.

The kitchen served already as the heart of every home and your stone countertop strikes an elegant status symbol. So, does this mean having the best kitchen countertops guarantees a sale?

There is no straight answer to that, but one thing is for sure. When you have a luxurious material for your kitchen counter, you have a higher chance that your house will be sold faster and at a higher price.

In the succeeding section, we are going to discuss and elaborate some of the best benefits to reap from installing granite kitchen countertops.

We have plenty of variations on the design and color for your cheap granite countertops in our collection. Among all those variations, the best-selling are the white and black granite countertops.

Regardless of what color and design, our people are going for granite kitchen countertops because of the priceless natural beauty of its appearance. The burst of colors is like a canvas made by Mother Earth.

You would also be mesmerized by how those fine and thick alternating veins run across the slab, creating a classic appeal of fortune. Oftentimes, we consider custom granite countertops as the Rolls Royce of stone countertops. 

When to go for white granite countertops?

When you have a petite kitchen or bathroom space, going for pale colors or white granite countertops is the best option. With that, you can amplify the brightness of your space eliminating the cave-like appeal. Likewise, white or light tones are the trending hue for modern themes.

Our stone experts can give you a hand in choosing the best pattern of white granite slabs for your kitchen and granite bathroom countertops.

When to go for black granite countertops?

If you are scared that stains might be visible on your light-colored counter, then installing a black granite countertop is a smart solution. Technically, absolute black or not, these are not entirely made from granite but contain huge contents of gabbro (still an igneous rock).

By installing this type, you will have less trouble with stains and visible seams or scratches. Likewise, most black granite have higher innate anti-stain abilities. This also makes a good focal point with your vibrant kitchen cabinetry.

Sufficient Durability for High-Traffic Kitchen and Bath

This igneous rock has unquestionable strength when it comes to your high-traffic kitchen. Its hardness is comparable to quartz and concrete which can resist scratch from knives and other sharp objects.

You can also depend on its ability to resist chips and cuts from unexpected blows on your granite kitchen countertops. When cracks are inevitable, you can easily repair it with fillers and seams won’t be that visible due to granite’s exquisite veining patterns.

When it comes to placing hot pans on top of your granite kitchen countertop, this is lesser concern because granite is naturally inclined to high temperatures. However, to avoid destroying its sealant coating, you must use any hot pads before placing hot pans on top of your granite countertop.

Average Cost of Custom Granite Countertops

The cost of cheap granite countertops is $40 per square foot while high-end quality is around $100 per square foot. There are plenty of factors influencing the cost of granite slab, and this include thickness, veining patterns, color, transport, and more.

We are one of the leading stone fabricators and installers in the area to offer quality and economical custom granite countertops. Based on market research, the average granite countertop price is around $2,500 to $3,000 

You can take advantage of the granite countertop estimator offered by most companies so you can have a better insight of how much you need to set aside for granite stone countertops. When you make a short call, we can give you a free quote for your stone countertop.

Final Pointers

Here are some final practical tips before you install your precious granite slabs for kitchen and granite bathroom countertops.

1. Go for light hues or white stone countertops. This is a good choice when you want to achieve that fancy flair of modernism. If you are selling your house, most buyers are attracted to light-toned kitchens and bathrooms because it seems clean and well-updated.

2. Always have a personal visit with the showroom to see the real deal with the various designs and colors of granite slabs.

3. If you hate stains and cleaning them, you can always opt for a darker hue of granite slabs. We have tons of options for variations of black granite countertops in our showroom.

4. Always go for thicker slabs, that is, 3-cm and thicker. This makes your granite kitchen countertop a great center of attention in your kitchen space. Likewise, there is better durability for thicker slabs.

5. Don’t forget to have your granite countertops sealed annually and periodically. We do impregnate sealants on granite and other porous stone countertops  before installing it to our customers’ kitchen and bathroom countertops. Likewise, for an easier way of wiping down stains and debris, a polished finish would be ideal.

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